Sooner or Later it Happens to Everyone

April 8th, 2016

“ Sooner or later it happens to everybody…a flat tire. It’s even more frustrating when it happens on the side of the interstate. In this case, the air pressure went low in this tire and the customer kept on driving. If you look at where the arrows point, you’ll notice that there are several prominent bulges…and the same was on the backside of the tire. What happened here is when the tire went low on pressure, the weight of the vehicle on the wheels basically cut the body plies inside the tire. It still held air when it was inflated, but the bulges are a result of the air pressure pushing against the rubber without any body plies to add strength. This is a dangerous condition and could have resulted in a blowout while driving into the store. It possibly could have been avoided if they had pulled over and changed the flat with the spare tire…and saved them the cost of a new replacement tire if it could have been professionally repaired. The suggestion for drivers is that when you notice a tire going flat, immediately pull off the road and look for a tire dealer to repair or replace the tire. The TPMS sensors give drivers a head’s up when a tire is going low, so if it happens to you, take action immediately. Safe travels”

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